Ping Pong 02 - Smile is a Robot


I came across a certain post by someone who “sort of not so secretly” ships this pairing, and that was all the impetus I needed to draw it. This blog had too many bed-headed dweeblords on it anyways.

— A Single Man (2009)

What are you? 

I’ll tell you the story of how you and I met. From the very beginning.


kagakuro at disneyland for cissyswonderland!! the only typically american things i could think of were a) burgers (which kagami eats enough of already) and b) like, frat boys, but i didn’t feel like drawing that, so romipaku helped me out with the idea :’-) and shirt slogan creds to homoerotics!

Belonging is the very best thing there is.


fan challenge - twenty relationships: madoka & homura (4/20)

you were my best friend.

ladies and gentlemen… the prospective aces of the seidou high school baseball team

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